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The Champion Newspaper: From tent to vintage travel trailer

From the writers at The Champion Newspaper.

I’ve had a passion for the outdoors all my life. I vaguely recall as a youngster, throwing quilts and blankets over furniture to pretend we were camping in tents.

My second date with my now wife of 31 years was a camping excursion. She assured me on our first date that she too loved the outdoors and agreed to go on a co-ed camping trip. The evening of our first day of camping, she excused herself to change clothes and reappeared in a new pair of stylish overalls…unaware that the Pierre Cardin tag was still attached. After a few questions, she admitted that she had never spent a single night outside but was trying to impress me.

Fast forward a few decades to my 40s when I started doing plenty of hiking, backpacking and tent camping. We would take only what was needed and though enjoyable, the experiences were a bit less than comfortable.

To read the full story in The Champion Newspaper, click here.

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