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The Brighter Writer: A glamping we will go! Part 1

From the bloggers at The Brighter Writer.

I’ve been in a list making frenzy the last 2 weeks even though we still have an additional 2 weeks before the big trip. I’ve raided our local Dollar Tree a dozen times and I am convinced that my shopping trips over the last 14 days have targeted me as a total lunatic. I tried to explain to the check-out girl that last year’s trip was a disastrous battle and all of this preparation is, in fact, combat related but I don’t think she bought it.

Anyway, The Family Dollar is currently stocked up on Summer supplies. Paying a measly dollar for anything that will be fun, keep her busy, and could possibly get broken or left behind is not so bad. I’d much rather go the cheap route than to buy the exact same thing at Target or Walmart for more money.

1. Glow sticks, glow bracelets, glow wands, glow necklaces, glow hats, glow EVERYTHING. $1
2. Binoculars $1
3. Hand held tent broom $1
4. Magnifying glass with built in tweezers and holding cell for any buggies you may find. $1
5. Antibacterial wet wipes $1
6. Flashlights AND batteries $1

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