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The Austin Chronicle: Relishing the recreational vehicle

From the bloggers at The Austin Chronicle.

Imagine a subculture that spans from bearded hipsters with sailor tattoos, to soccer dads with T-shirts tucked into their denim shorts; a clever combination of people with one goal in mind: to hit the open road for a slice of summertime Americana, in a piece of hot apple pie on wheels – the Great American RV.

For those who have acquired a taste somewhere between a love for Mother Nature and a loathing for braving the elements, the idea of an RV is some sort of utopian fantasy. It’s a vehicle forged to blaze across our country’s concrete trails, in route to destinations already well traveled, elements well braved. In fact, the RV may very well represent a state of heightened consciousness – as in, why the hell sleep on the hard ground when we can enjoy the amenities of a roving home on wheels, instead?

From the retired couple looking for a weekend getaway, to the college spring breakers hoping to score, the RV is a multi-purpose tool for practically all ages. It’s an example of how home is where you make it, whether it’s behind the comfort of closed doors, on the road, or underneath the stars at night.

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