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The Aransas Pass Progress: Is the RV life right for you?

From the bloggers at The Aransas Pass Progress.

Making summer vacation plans? Wanting to live a simpler life? Thinking about different employment options? Considering alternatives for retirement?

The RV Lifestyle can be the answer to each question.

This begins a series to look at each, starting with the first steps to take when exploring the possibility of RV living.

The camper, trailer or RV is popular for short vacation and holiday travel and is usually the first experience of full-time RVers.

Magazines, websites and blogs can provide a wealth of information. Looking at photos and layouts can be helpful when deciding which type of vehicle will meet the space and amenities desired.

Next, taking day and weekend trips to visit RV Shows and sales lots can give an even better visualization. Ask questions, get the feel of a space with the entire family inside and enjoy imagining a trip on the road.

To read the full story by The Aransas Pass Progress, click here.

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