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Technomadia - RVer census

Technomadia: Take the RVer census

From the bloggers at Technomadia:

We’ve long felt that data on today’s RVers could be critical information to have when designing services, approaching companies or fighting unjust legal rulings.

Knowing how many of us there are out here, and how some of our basic demographics can shape so many things, especially as the demographics of RVers is so rapidly changing with so much more diversity. We were thrilled when the folks at Escapees RV Club and their new lifestyle group Xscapers decided to take on the challenge of collecting anonymous data in a survey.

Over the past 37 years they have built up a reputation of being a leader in advocacy for RVers rights. We feel they’re an organization we can trust with this information, to use it for good in bettering all of our lives out here on the road.

This week, they have launched the first-ever RVer census. To take the survey, click here.

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