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Technomadia: Spring and summer 2016 coming together

From the bloggers at Technomadia.

We’re now solidly on our way east, estimating arriving in Central Florida by the end of the month.

We prefer not to be planners, but we are intention setters. So I thought I’d share with you today how our intentions ahead are looking.

Early April: Time with family & friends in Central Florida. The main timing influencing our arrival is catching Chris’ folks at the tail end of their snowbird season. We’ll likely be in the Spring Hill area during this time period, and then perhaps wandering towards the east coast.

Late April: It’s time for our next non-RV adventure! We’re joining my mom on a one-way repositioning cruise from Florida to Montreal – exploring the east coast along the way. We’re looking forward to checking out Boston, Bar Harbor, Nova Scotia and other stops along the way.

While we’re gone, we’ll be leaving the bus in the shop for upgr…. oh wait… no way

We learned that lesson last summer. The bus will be nicely parked in storage, and ain’t no one touching her while we’re gone!!  (Kiki has a cat sitter lined up.)

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