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Technomadia: Seminole Canyon State Park — Comstock, Tex.

From the bloggers at Technomadia.

We don’t often think too far ahead in our routing, we prefer planning things a day at a time.

On this particular repositioning, we know we need to keep ‘heading east’ and we’ll likely eventually make it to Florida. (You do start to learn these complex navigational things after so many years on the road.)

We had extended our visit at Davis Mountains State Park a couple of times, and it felt time to make some more miles and adventures.

Our obvious options were to either head back up to I-10 and continue into Austin, or explore a new-to-us route following Highway 90 across.

Having done I-10 multiple times in the past and knowing how it’s pretty much … well.. boring (excluding a pleasant stop at Balmorhea State Park) – we of course opted for the non-interstate route.

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