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Technomadia: Road to Alburquerque

From the bloggers at Technomadia.

While our pace of getting from Elkhart to Alburquerque was not as relaxed as we would have ideally liked, we made the best of it and worked in a couple of longer stays in scenic locations to get some catch-up time.

We generally followed Route 66 the entire way from St. Louis. When we last updated on our travel progress, we had just casino camped on the Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma border. That covered just about 1/2 the distance, and we had 9 days left before we were due in at the Balloon Fiesta.

Heyburn Park – Kellyville, Okla.

We don’t generally plan our stops too far in advance. When we have an idea of the direction we’d like to head, I bring up a couple different campground locator apps and look for spots that would be on the way, and potentially interesting.

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