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Technomadia: Our 2015 travel route and year in review

From the bloggers at Technomadia.

Ah, end of the year.

That time when we look back, remark on how fast it went by, how much we did, and we prepare to move on.

For us road nomads, we usually wrap it up with a route of our travels.

So, presenting our 2015 travel map.

This year, we started using the WordPress plugin Nomad World Map to keep track of our travel route and future ‘plans’. It allows us to easily tie locations, dates and blog posts together as we go – creating a much more interactive experience. I’ve really enjoyed the plug-in, so we’ll continue using it going forward.

In years past, I always spent a solid day creating a map of our travels in Photoshop. While the results were pretty snazzy looking and completely custom to us, I’m letting go of years of tradition. So please, scroll around the map and catch up on travel adventures you might have missed.

To read the full story by Technomadia, click here.

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