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Technomadia: On hiatus — a quick thank you and FAQs

From the bloggers at Technomadia.

Ok, first of all, we know it sounds pretty silly to be making a post about being on hiatus, while on hiatus.

I’m really not sure to call what we’re doing right now.

But we couldn’t just let all of the outpouring of support we’ve gotten over the past few days just sit there. We never ever imagined so many were reading along so closely, and the number of first time commenters is quite humbling (thank you for de-lurking.. each and every one of you!).

This rainbow appeared just before we ‘melted down’ last week

So first of all, a big, huge thank you for seeing and acknowledging the raw and authentic nature of our last post, for seeing us as human – and for reflecting back the gratitude that is in your hearts. For sharing a piece of yourself. This sort of stuff, humbles us.

It would take forever to individually respond to each of you..  know you have been heard, and your words are impacting us profoundly in positive ways.

It’s actually quite overwhelming. We’re really not quite sure what to do with it all.

We never set out to be ‘bloggers’ or ‘YouTube personalities’ or whatever it is we seem to have become. We look at each other.. we’re Chris. We’re Cherie. We’re owned by a cat. We’re just two flawed people who post some words every so often and hope they don’t lead too many people astray.

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