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Technomadia: Off to the Escapee’s Escapade in Tucson

From the bloggers at Technomadia:

Tomorrow morning we’ll pull into the Pima County Fairgrounds, starting our adventures at the Escapee’s 55th Annual Escapade in Tucson. It will be a fun week ahead for sure! We’re looking forward to meeting up with old friends and making new ones.

Whew. It’s been some very hectic weeks for us leading up to this to prepare. So much had to get done, including getting the re-write of The Mobile Internet Handbook for 2015 completed in time to have print copies meet us at the event.

We’re also excited to be making our speaking debut at an RV rally. Yes, we’ve presented many times before – and I know we’ll rock it, but we’ve never been a scheduled presenter (we usually just show up and wing it.)

To read the full story at Technomadia, click here.

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