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Technomadia: Tucson, Benson and Willcox

From the bloggers at Technomadia.

It never fails to surprise me. We reach the end of another season, with more places left on our ‘must see list’ than we actually had time to visit.

And of course this winter is no different. We thought we’d be able to fill in more blanks this winter boondocking around the southwest. And maybe even return to some old favorites. But one by one, the weeks slip by and the draw across country speaks louder than our desire to explore more spots.

So after our delightful stay at Saddle Mountain, we continued our meander east. There were still a couple more weeks we could afford without making the drive to Florida feel too rushed.

Which worked out well, because we were taking the time re-write the 2016 Edition of The Mobile Internet Handbook, and still had a solid week of work left on it.

There are camp spots around the country that have a legendary feel to them. Other social media sharing RVers have been there before, taunting us with their Instagram photos and blog posts.

We are sometimes reluctant to go to them. For one, can they live up to the hype? And two, certainly by now they’ll be so crowded that the magic is gone.

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