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Technomadia: Kicking the year off — setting intentions

From the bloggers at Technomadia.

Ahh.. new years. Opportunities to reset, start anew. Like most everyone else on the planet who recognizes this particular arbitrary date on this particular calendar, we too are looking ahead.

We thought we’d share some of our intentions going forward in our travels, business life and personal life (including blogging). Some might call these resolutions, but that sounds way too formal for us.

We have not set a good track record with this whole work/life balance thing. In 2013, we intended to go into a bit of a sabbatical. That lasted just a few weeks before we got enamored with the next big thing.The start of 2016 is the first new year in a while where we’re not working on some big secret project in the background, on top of our normal workload. (Seriously, we have nothing up our sleeves!).

RVillage is launched, steadily growing and soon will pass 40,000 members who are meeting up across the country. Xscapers is launched and building amazing momentum. We’re extremely proud to have been involved with two such amazing and community changing projects, and they will always hold a big place in our hearts.

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