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Technomadia: How we added 5 feet to our RV without slides

From the bloggers at Technomadia.

In our continuing catch-up of last summer’s bus renovations, today I wanted to share about something that took us by surprise.

Now to start, we didn’t secretly stretch our RV by 5′ during the renovations. But we did end up with 5 addition feet of usable living space. And that my friends, is HUGE.

We’re often asked just how it is we can possibly full time without slides. It all comes down to layout.

An RV that is designed with slides takes advantage of the space when opened up. But when the slides are in, they generally leave a very compact and often unlivable space.

An RV designed without slides can actually feel pretty darn roomy. It’s not like designers use the same layout as a 4-slide RV and just happen to leave the slides out. They are intelligently designed to make maximum use of the space. It can take even more design effort to strike a balance of form and functionality.

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