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Technomadia: Exploring New Mexico — Santa Fe

From the bloggers at Technomadia.

Before the year gets away from us and we start our year end wrap-up posts – I wanted to catch the travelogue up on our adventures. We started this blog as a place to record our journey, and we strive to keep that focus going forward.

Before we went on social media hiatus, we had just left Cochiti Lake after a glorious and re-charging 2 weeks, and headed to Santa Fe for some mechanical work on the bus. So, that’s where I’ll pick up the story up.

We headed to Hal Burns Truck & Repair for our Thursday morning appointment to replace a ride height valve on our rear suspension. Unfortunately, they didn’t actually have a tech take a look until later in the afternoon. Which meant when they finally determined the model that needed to be ordered (they have a strict ‘no customer provided parts’ policy, or we would have had it ordered in advance) – it was too late for overnight delivery.

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