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Technomadia: Bus renovations — A cat’s purfect RV litter box

From the bloggers at Technomadia.

An advantage of having a cat rule your life instead of a dog, is the we don’t use the euphemism of ‘lets go for a walk’ to really mean ‘I need to pee or poop all over things’.

We cats are much more civilized.

We do our business in a box full of sand and don’t have to wait for the humans to get off their lazy butts to take us outside. We’re calm when our humans go do human things for the day – we’re pretty content just taking a nap, shredding whatever important papers they left out, figuring out how to blast music out the speakers, and pooping when we want.

And then we have our humans trained to keep our potties clean for us.

But we do like our privacy. Sharing an RV with any number of humans doesn’t always leave room for places to keep the litter box without our business becoming stinky performance art.

When I adopted Chris & Cherie in 2008, we lived in a super small 17′ travel trailer.

We kept a hooded litter box in the wet bathroom (the human’s shower was also the sink area) with the door always propped open so I could open it myself.

That meant for them to use their litter box, mine often became a footrest. And they had to move it out of the bathroom to shower. It also meant if I kicked litter out of the box (which, of course, I’d *never* do), it risked clogging up the shower drain.

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