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Technomadia: Bus renovation — con-du-it attitude

From the bloggers at Technomadia.

We celebrated the marvelous new paint job on the bus, and quickly it was back to work. There’s still lots to get done to get us back on the road.

Master Tech had a goal of getting Zephyr water tight and climate controlled by Labor Day weekend, so that we could spend the weekend doing a reasonable shake-down in their parking lot campground.

While that didn’t happen, a lot of work has happened.

Including lots of conduit being run. which is fitting, because the overall theme of the past few days has been a Con-Du-It attitude. Maybe it’s sleep deprivation, but we’re going with the pun.

The crew here has been focused on our bus, wrapping up lots of projects. And owner Tim spent most of his 3-day weekend in the shop, on our bus. There’s no doubt our job is a top priority, and we so appreciate it.

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