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Technomadia: Back on the road…and it feels good

From the bloggers at Technomadia.

Ahh… the freedom of the open road! Sounds other than trains squealing, vile rap music, forklifts, welding, grinding and the other regular shop sounds we had grown so accustomed to.

Views other than of a gravel industrial lot.

Healthier meals cooked at home, instead of constant convenience food.

Miles under our tires being made. Washing squished bugs off the windshield (oh wait, maybe that part isn’t so great.. but we’ll take it!)

Living at our pace, our schedule and most importantly – in our own space!

As the miles and days grow in distance from our Master Tech experience, we grow more and more thankful for the improvements made to our bus, and forget the frustrating bits.

That’s the way major life experiences tend to go. They fade from being your focus, to being a mere memory in the rear view mirror.  It’s that very perspective that helps us get through any experience we’re in, knowing that one day – today will be just a sentence in our story. We will get through it, this too shall pass and all other other cliche statements that are actually quite true.

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