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Technomadia: Earning our ‘Abundant Boondocking’ merit badge

From the bloggers at Technomadia.

We’ve been having fun this winter putting our summer renovations to the test to see how much they impact our boondocking ability.

We’ve had a few requests to share about some of our renovations from a boondocking perspective. Since we’ve now done several extended dry camping stops since the summer, it seems like a good time to share in our continuing effort to document the projects.

Water and plumbing systems

Ironically, plumbing systems were not originally on our project list when we pulled into Master Tech RV last May. But the plumbing improvements have likely had the biggest impact on our boondocking ability.

We had actually only asked to switch out our sticky dump valves and maybe install a SeeLevel tank monitoring system. We had a “wish list” item of finding a way to carry more fresh water on board – but we had never even contemplated making changes to our waste tanks.

But somewhere along the line, Master Tech ended up ‘surprising’ us by sending us pictures of our waste tanks removed.. initially with the intention of cleaning them out.

But they were so old, not made of an ideal material, and they had not been engineered to drain completely (the drain hole was too high up). This meant we had developed a solid mass at the bottom of the black tank.

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