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Techno RV: Why buy a TireTraker TPMS?

From the bloggers at Techno RV.

Here’s a basic overview of TireTraker’s features:

TireTraker’s sensors weigh only 0.3 oz compared to 0.8 oz on other systems. This means that there is less stress placed on the valve stem due to centrifugal force and hence less potential problems in the future.

The sensors measure both pressure AND temperature.  This can be useful if you have a faulty wheel bearing or stuck brake caliper.

The system has user-replaceable sensor batteries. ­This can save you $30-$50 per tire compared to other systems which require you to send the sensors back to the manufacturer.

The monitor is very easy to use and has a rechargeable lithium ion battery. Other systems require to be plugged into 12v all the time which can be a problem when trying to install the sensors.

To read the full story by Techno RV, click here.

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