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Techno RV: The perfect document scanner for your RV

From the bloggers at Techno RV.

I was recently asked to send a copy of a form to my doctor, and I wasn’t anywhere near a copy machine/scanner.  The form was time-sensitive, and I really needed to get it to them, so I started looking on my phone for the nearest Kinko’s.

That’s when it hit me. My phone! I quickly went to my Google Play Store and put “Document Scanner” in the search bar.  I found several choices, but decided on Tiny Scanner. After a short download, I opened the program and had two options: take a picture or get a picture from my gallery.

I took a picture of the form using my camera being careful to take it in a well-lit area from above. It gave me the option to crop it, then it instantly converted it into a PDF.  I had the choice to add another page to the PDF (which I didn’t need to do), or to export it. I could place it in my Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, or email it.

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