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Techno RV: RV electrical safety basics – what is a volt?

From the bloggers at Techno RV.

Well, the professor of electrical engineering at the local university will tell you that a volt is a standard international unit of electric potential. What? Why do I have the definition and still don’t know what in the world it is.

Let me break it down into terms that I can understand, and then certainly the masses will understand too. Think of a volt in terms of pressure. An electrical unit waiting to be set into motion with the right circumstances. Like a balloon that is under pressure. When it is popped, the air is set free into motion. So what sets a volt free?

Have you ever been shocked by a door knob? For some reason the doorknob was holding on to some precious volts, under pressure and waiting to be set free, and when you came along and touched it, you were the conduit to allow the pressure to flow.

So where did it go? Well, it went through you, from one part, to whatever other part of you that was touching something that had less volts than the door knob.

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