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Techno RV: How does wi-fi work and how do I get it in my RV?

From the bloggers at Techno RV.

Have you ever felt like Wi-Fi should be added to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs? If so, then you must read this!

Do you ever think about how things work? Can you imagine that we talk on a cell phone to someone a thousand miles away, and somehow we just accept it? But how? This kind of stuff just blows my mind. Wi-Fi is kind of the same way.

Are you kidding, I can pick up a contraption (cell phone), type in a request, and somehow the answer appears. This seems like some kind of witchcraft. I mean if someone would have told you back in the 1940s that we would be communicating wirelessly the way we do, they would probably have lined you up on the firing squad, but yet today we do it without a second thought.

As RVers, we need our Wi-Fi, so we should at least understand it. So here is what Wi-Fi is to a certain extent. Wi-Fi is a network using radio waves to communicate. Your computer or device has a component in it called a wireless adaptor. This wireless adaptor converts data (data=information that you type in) into a radio signal. This radio signal is received by a router that is programmed to understand the radio signal.

Now that the router has the information in the form of a radio signal, it then converts the radio signal back to information, and then sends the request using a wired Ethernet connection to the almighty internet. Then, the internet sends the information that you requested back to the router. The router does everything in reverse, and converts the information back to a radio signal and sends it to the computer’s wireless adaptor. The wireless adaptor then converts the radio signal back to information, which is what you see as the response to your request.

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