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Techno RV: How can I stay connected to younger family members while I travel?

From the bloggers at Techno RV.

Okay, I have to admit.  Although I try, I know I am not completely up with the times.  My kids often think I am getting old and out of touch, and I am okay with that; however I still want to have a great relationship with them and keep up with what they are doing.

For that reason, I decided to try to stay as up-to-date with their technology as I can in order to stay connected with them. In order to do this, I got an Instagram account – one of the most popular social media apps for today’s younger generation.

Instagram is designed to share photos and videos with others that follow you.  It also allows you to see the pictures and videos of those you choose to follow, which is why I originally got the app.  I was able to keep up with my kids’, nieces’, and nephews’ activities through what they posted.

When my nephew posted a picture of his Friday night football game win, I could “like” it or even make a comment to congratulate him. When our son posted a picture of him at a college function, we could see how his weekend was going without having to ask.

What better way to keep up with your kids’ and grandkids’ activities when you can’t be there! After a while of just having an Instagram to follow others, I began to post my activities as well to keep my family connected to what was happening at home while they were away, which most of the time was our dog’s antics that they missed while at college.

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