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Techno RV: Do I need a WiFi booster or a cell booster?

From the bloggers at Techno RV.

We received a support call the other day and the question was about our Wi-Fi booster products. The customer was saying she needed to boost the Wi-Fi signal in her RV. I proceeded to explain to her about our awesome Wi-Fi products including the Desktop Booster, the External Booster Tube, the Yagi antenna and the Repeater.

I was rather proud of my presentation and then she asked if this will help her Verizon MiFi get better signal. OK, I had to back up. Are you needing to boost the Wi-Fi signal from another location into your RV? Or are you trying to get better signal for your Verizon MiFi?

These are two totally different issues, and as it turns out, she was wanting to get better signal to her Verizon MiFi. I then explained that her MiFi was a cellular signal, not a Wi-Fi signal, and that a Wi-Fi booster would do absolutely nothing to help her, so much for my great presentation. What she needed is a cell phone signal booster, which of course, TechnoRV sells as well.  I then explained to her that Wi-Fi is always best if you have access to it as it does not eat away at your data plan like the Verizon MiFi will do.

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