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Techno RV: Bypassing the ballast and LED fluorescent tubes

From the bloggers at Techno RV.

RV fluorescent tubes come in two standard sizes, 18″ and 12″. The TechnoRV 18″ tubes have two rows of LED’s whereas the 12″ tubes have a single row.

Installing your LED tubes is a very simple process. First, remove the fixture’s plastic cover. This is usually done by pushing on one of the sides until it pops clear of the side of the fixture. Next, remove the fluorescent tubes by gently pulling on them.

The TechnoRV LED tubes are not polarity dependent so you can install them in either orientation. But first you will need to pull off the little plastic covers that are on the pins at each end. Next, push the tubes into the fixture exactly as the previous tubes were installed. Most fixtures have horizontal slots meaning you simply push the tubes up into the fixture.

Some have side facing slots meaning that you have to push the LED tube in and then move it to the side to install it in the slots. If you try this you will notice that the LED’s would then be facing the wrong way. The fix is to pull the plastic at each end of the tube and twist the mounting by 90 degrees. Your LED tube will then be orientated the correct way in the fixture.

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