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Take to the Highway: Last look at Astoria

From the bloggers at Take to the Highway

There are many things I enjoy about blog writing. First and foremost, it helps me relive the experiences through writing and photography. It helps jog my memory of the many wonders I have had the privilege to see, touch, taste, and smell.  And it’s a great way to meet people, having led me to 75 percent of my current RVing community.

But of my 484 posts here, none have been so fun as my Astoria post from 2014.  I had never had a blog post go “viral” before, but suddenly I started getting comments from people I didn’t know. Someone posted a link to a local Facebook page, and many Astorians came calling to offer more suggestions. It was so much fun to have them validate that I had captured the essence of a town for which their affection was so palpable. For this reason among many, Astoria will always have a special place in my personal history book.

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