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Watson Wander: O’Leno State Park


(Jan. 2, 2017) -- If you asked me five years ago what I thought of central Florida I would have said, scrub pines, rednecks, and old people. Now, I would say all those things plus ancient cypress swamps, crystal clear bubbling springs, lakes and waterways teaming with wildlife, and endless opportunities for outdoor recreation. All of this was reaffirmed last week during our stay at the lovely O’Leno State Park.

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Watson Wander: Through the Carolinas and into Florida


(Dec. 8, 2016) -- With Thanksgiving over and done we had one final obligation before we were free to head south to be snowbirds in Florida for the winter. The final obligation was our yearly trip to Charlotte, N.C., so Tim could show his face at the office. Charlotte is not a camping destination.

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Watson Wander: Westmore Land State Park


(Nov. 18, 2016) -- We spent last week at Westmoreland State Park. This spacious park on the edge of the Potomac River has trails that wind through the woods and a small beach where you can find fossilized shark teeth. I was going to tell you all about how we ended up here after our first choice campground was closed due to deer hunting and our second choice was slated to close early because of budget cuts.

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Watson Wander: Falling leaves and family fun in Delaware


(Nov. 16, 2016) -- Our timing has been off for optimum fall foliage viewing this year. We left Vermont just as the leaves were starting to turn, saw only a bit of color on the Cape and in Rhode Island, and then by the time we got to Connecticut it was more like winter than fall. So as you can imagine, we were thrilled to find fall in full-on frenzy mode upon arrival in Delaware.

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Watson WandeR: Beaches, mansions and snow


(Nov. 11, 2016) -- After our two weeks on the Cape, we decided to keep the coastal theme going with a week long stay in Rhode Island. This state is probably most well known for its famous southern coastline and busy summer tourist season.

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Watson Wander: Lighthouses and wales in Provincetown


(Nov. 7, 2016) -- I’m not sure when my fascination with lighthouses began. They certainly were not on my radar before we started full-timing. Living in a landlocked state like Vermont lighthouses were only something I ever saw while on vacation at the coast, and even then I only viewed them as a pretty sunset backdrop, certainly not something I would seek out and fork over a few bucks to climb.

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Watson Wander: Nickerson State Park


(Oct. 20, 2016) -- Over the years we’ve developed a somewhat conflicted relationship with popular tourist destinations. On one hand, we want to visit those ultra-popular national parks like Zion, Yellowstone, and Acadia, and we want to experience attractions like the Kennedy Space Center, the San Diego Zoo and the Washington Mall.

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Watson Wander: Saying goodbye


(Oct. 10, 2016) -- After a record seven weeks at the best campground in all of Vermont — otherwise known as our friend’s beautiful backyard — we finally hitched up and started our slow journey south for the winter.

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Watson Wander: Hiking Mount Mansfield


(Sept. 1, 2016) -- At 4,343 feet, Mount Mansfield measures in as Vermont’s highest peak. From the top you get a 360-degree view of the surrounding green mountain state, including the Stowe Mountain Resort to the east, and on a clear day Lake Champlain all the way to the west.

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Watson Wander: Maine (again)


(July 20, 2016) -- I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t 100% thrilled about coming to Maine this summer. It’s not that I don’t like Maine, but we were just here last year, and I was really looking forward to exploring more of the Pacific Northwest this summer.

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