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The Fit RV: Protecting the second alternator


(Nov. 15, 2016) -- If you read my post on our Generator Free RV, you know that one of the main components of that install is a second alternator. You also know that said second alternator rides pretty low up front. It’s all but daring me to run over road debris, curbs, gutters, and what have you. Doing something to protect that very expensive second alternator was one of the items on my “Next Steps” list in that post.

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The Fit RV: Help us help dealers help you


(Oct. 20, 2016) -- We’ve been invited to speak to a gathering of RV dealers and salespeople as part of a Class B Training curriculum. Our goal is to be “the voice of the customer”, and to provide them with insight into the Class B lifestyle. And while we think we have a pretty good idea what’s important to you, our readers, it never hurts to make sure.

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The Fit RV: Winnebago’s 4×4 concept adventure vehicle


(Aug. 10, 2016) -- If I were an eccentric billionaire and had an army of minions to take whatever I thought up and bring it to life, I’d probably give Russ Garfin at Winnebago Industries a run for his money. But I’m not a billionaire (though I am eccentric), and I don’t have an army of minions (just Stef, who’s no good whatsoever with a blowtorch). So I’ll have to be content to watch for what the gang from Forest City rolls out.

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The Fit RV: Where has James been and what has he been doing?


(July 18, 2016) -- There have been three projects I’ve been trying to get completed before we leave for the Winnebago Grand National Rally. One large project, one medium, and one small. I’m happy to report, I’ve got them all wrapped up (for now), and we’re ready to hit the road.

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The Fit RV: Turkey spinach omelet in a mug


(March 14, 2016) -- With just a microwave, a mug, and a bunch of tasty ingredients, you can actually make an entire meal, just like that. I’m pretty sure my attraction to cooking in a mug all stems from laziness. Mug cooking is faster, easier, and takes much less time in the dreaded clean-up phase.

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The Fit RV: Why I took a hacksaw to our RV refrigerator


(Feb. 9, 2016) -- One of the things Stef really wanted in a new RV was a larger refrigerator. And she certainly got that in our Travato. The refrigerator is a Dometic RML 8330, which is a 3 way fridge. It’s also a manual changeover fridge, which means you have to access the controls to change it from 12 volt to 120 volt to propane.

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