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RV Life: Three dry camping tips


(Dec. 16, 2016) -- Their first RV dry camping experience wasn’t as dramatic as an episode of “Survivor.” But when Cija and Dave’s Lake Mead National Recreation Area adventure endeavor ended, the Oregon couple learned more than they expected about living in a self-contained RV. After two weeks in the desert, they summed it up in three critical desert camping tips for new RVers.

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RV Life: Check out these minor mods for RVing with cats


(Nov. 22, 2016) -- Cats are the silent full-timers of America and many travel comfortably by RV. Over the last few years, I’ve spotted many people RVing with cats, to include full-timers and holiday RVers. Recently my curiosity about feline co-pilots got the best of me. Since I travel with a dog, I turned to a full-timer to get her insight on what it’s like to live with cats on the road.

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RV Life: Vehicle camping tents for RV toads


(Nov. 16, 2016) -- If you’re like most RVers, your love of the outdoors started with tent camping adventures. With a four-wheeled vehicle, tent and sleeping bag you could go nearly anywhere. Now that you’ve traded up to a RV, do you ever wish you still had the flexibility that car camping offers but with the comfort of a RV?

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RV Life: The biggest money challenges while full time RVing


(Oct. 18, 2016) -- Many people think RV travel might is a carefree, worry-free existence. But full-time RVing money challenges are always on the horizon. For many working-age, young full-time RVers, their daily reality is different than that of their retired counterparts.

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RV Life: Campground crime — Are creeps coming to your campground?


(Sept. 22, 2016) -- From break-ins to shootings to RV park bomb scares, almost every day another campground crime story garners headlines. At first glance one might conclude that criminals are rampant in the great outdoors. Ask other RVers about their campground crime experiences and new insights are likely to occur.

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RV Life: Discover the rich history of Gilmore, Idaho


(Sept. 20, 2016) -- If you travel 65 miles south of Salmon, Idaho, via Hwy 28 you will pass the once booming mining town of Gilmore. In its hay day, the town supported a population of 600, plus hotels, a mercantile, bank, post office, and a series of local business.

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