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Monty’s Musings: Get the jump on planning spring RV camping


(Dec. 8, 2016) -- The winter months aren’t kind to many parts of the US, where motorhomes and trailers sit tucked away in storage. Those cold winter months, however, are the best time to plan for camping once the snow thaws. We’ve collected some helpful tips that smart RV campers use to get the jump on planning spring RV excursions.

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Monty’s Musings: Four urban RV campgrounds


(Nov. 23, 2016) -- Camping beyond the city lights is always a good way to relax, unwind and get back to nature. But have you ever thought of taking along the RV when you visit big cities? Once you compare the expense of hotels, restaurant meals and rental cars to the convenience and affordability of RV camping, urban RV campgrounds become an attractive alternative.

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Monty’s Musings: BLM camping — Balancing ‘off the grid’ with RV comfort


(Nov. 10, 2016) -- Does the wild call to you, tempting you to come find the places where mountains, coastlines and forests surround your campsite? Does that mean giving up the comforts you’ve found while RV camping? Good news—there’s a way to combine your love of wild places with the convenience of RV travel. Developed campsites on BLM lands help you balance the ‘off the grid’ experience with RV convenience.

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Monty’s Musings: Tailgating tips and tricks


(Nov. 4, 2016) -- Hanging out with fellow fans in the parking lot can be more fun than watching the actual game. Some football games are famous for their fans’ over-the-top tailgating tactics. Tailgating is something to look forward to—unless it’s hot outside. While taking an RV to your tailgate is terrific because you can cool off inside, you don’t want to miss out on all the action happening outside.

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Monty’s Musings: Southern San Diego County surf and camp vacation


(Nov. 1, 2016) -- Did we whet your appetite with ideas for surfing and RV camping your way through Northern San Diego County? Well hold on, because we’re just getting started. This week, we’re going to keep moving south and talk about the places where the breaks bring big waves and camping keeps you near the beach.

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Monty’s Musings: Prepare for a cross country RV trip


(Oct. 26, 2016) — If you are reading this, it probably means that you are considering taking a cross country RV trip. After all, what better way to enjoy your RV fully than taking it as far as possible to really have some fun and see the country.

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Monty’s Musings: New York’s Finger Lakes Wine Country


(Oct. 6, 2016) -- RV travel to visit wineries is a delicious way to explore the joys of autumn. One wine region that offers RVers abundant opportunities to taste, camp and sightsee your way through fall is New York’s Finger Lakes Wine Country. No matter if you go for a long weekend or a leisurely, two-week trip, you’re going to come home with delectable wines and happy memories to savor through the holidays.

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Monty’s Musings: College football and RV rentals


(Sept. 29, 2016) -- We’re deep into college football season and stadiums across America are hosting eager fans. For fans who travel to watch their favorite teams, that can mean hotel rooms, restaurant meals and no way to tailgate unless the stadium throws a party.

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Monty’s Musings: Oregon’s Smith Rock State Park


(Sept. 20, 2016) -- Smith Rock State Park in Central Oregon has it all—challenging rock formations to climb, miles of trails for mountain bikers, hikers and horseback riders and dramatic rock spires to spice up your vacation videos.

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Monty’s Musings: Autumn adventure camping possibilities


(Sept. 13, 2016) - Instead of parking the RV for the season, why not take advantage of smaller crowds and cooler weather to enjoy your favorite adventure sport? Autumn RV camping can be spectacular when you’re parked in a forest of fall colors, so there’s really no reason not to take at least one more trip this autumn. Here’s how.

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Monty’s Musings: RV rentals for 2017’s total solar eclipse


(Sept. 9, 2016) — Astronomers, photographers and people who are fascinated by astronomical wonders are going to want to gear up now for the first total solar eclipse visible in America since 1991. On August 21, 2017, the shadow of the moon will begin eclipsing the sun until it completely envelops the sun’s brilliance for more than two minutes.

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Monty’s Musings: 5 tourist attractions to visit in Orange County


(Sept. 5, 2016) -- Orange County is one of the most popular tourist areas in California, and for good reason. Orange County offers the best of both worlds with sprawling natural landscapes, ever-growing cities, year-round festivities, and great places to eat. Taking an RV trip to Orange County is a no-brainer, but the real question is what should you do once you get there?

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