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Jim and Barb’s RV Adventures: We stayed in the North Country a little too long


(Nov. 25, 2016) -- Restlessness, snow, winds, and two equipment malfunctions is what we encountered since leaving North Dakota. We left when we did to avoid forecasted snow, wind and freezing temperatures so what did we run into? Snow, wind and freezing temperatures of course! The storm that was supposed to track north must have heard about our plans to avoid it so it decided to head south and meet up with us.

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Jim and Barb’s RV Adventure: Meanwhile, back at the ranch


(Nov. 17, 2016) -- Well, really the farm.....which got me to thinking....what’s the difference between a ranch and a farm? When I think of a ranch, I think of a huge spread of land with a predominant livestock operation, while when I think of a farm I think predominantly of croplands and perhaps a dairy operation.

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Jim and Barb’s RV Adventure: Weeks 3 and 4 in North Dakota


(Oct. 28, 2016) -- The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. We have not gotten out hunting but we are still enjoying ourselves with the farm work. Several back to back days of dry weather allowed Bob and Chris to harvest the remaining soy beans while I carted and transferred the beans from the combine to the semi-trucks.

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Jim and Barb’s RV Adventure: More North Dakota fun!


(Oct. 20, 2016) -- Large fluffy snowflakes floated lazily to the ground slowly covering the landscape in a blanket of white. Barb and I have always enjoyed an early season snow storm, often watching it from the comfort of our warm home with a fire crackling in our fireplace.

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Jim and Barb’s RV Adventure: Fall in North Dakota


(Oct. 12, 2016) — The crisp cool mornings, frost on the ground, changing of the leaves, harvest time and hunting season. Without a doubt fall is our favorite season of the year and there are two places that really speak to our hearts and bring all this together for us; the woods of northern Wisconsin and the farmlands of North Dakota.

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Jim and Barb’s RV Adventure: There’s gold in them there hills


(Sept. 23, 2016) — Similar to many hunters and fishermen, gold seekers are a secretive bunch. Ask a hunter if there are any big bucks in the area or a fisherman if they are getting any fish and you will get a pretty vague answer that will not help you at all. A typical response will be: “Seen a couple small ones” or “Getting a few here and there.”

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Jim and Barb’s RV Adventure: Seward and Whittier


(July 18, 2016) -- Barb and I had been looking forward to this week for a very long time. We only had two planned visits with friends while in Alaska (ends up we had many more) and this week was going to be our second! Several weeks ago we had stopped and visited Lee and Trace in Glenallen and this week we got to see Bill and Kelly outside of Seward.

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