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Fulltime Families: Snowbirding in places other than Florida


(Dec. 16, 2016) -- We’ve all heard of birds migrating to places that have a climate which is better suited for their well being. Snowbirding is the human’s version of migrating to places that have better climates. Technically speaking, people who snowbird leave their place of residence due to its unbearably cold climate and migrate to warmer places in order to lead a more comfortable life.

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Fulltime Families: Boondocking in the winter


(Dec. 14, 2016) -- It’s our first night of dry camping on US Forest Land in Arizona. The temps tonight are supposed to go down to the teens! Oh joy! We spent the morning filling and emptying in preparation for our self contained adventure.

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Fulltime Families: Birding from your RV


(July 11, 2016) -- As you’re traveling around the country in your RV, you have ample opportunity for bird watching – birding, as many prefer to call it. No matter which state, or states, you drive through, you can find birding trails specifically set aside for looking for our feathered friends.

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Fulltime Families: How to pick a family-friendly RV park


(June 29, 2016) -- Taking the kids on an RVing adventure is an excellent way to get them back to nature to see the value in life beyond the screen. In a world that feels perpetually fast-paced, camping offers an opportunity to slow down and appreciate the majestic beauty that our planet has to offer.

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