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Do It Yourself RV: How to visit a city in your RV


(Dec. 15, 2016) -- A big city visit doesn’t have to mean checking into a hotel. For many travelers, RV urban camping is an excellent way to explore a city without the hassle and expense associated with hotels, rental cars, and restaurant meals.

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Do It Yourself RV: How to naturally get rid of mold in your RV


(Dec. 14, 2016) -- Mold can become a serious problem in the wintertime. Moisture from rain and snow in the air will give this toxic fungi a nice damp environment to thrive. You could find it growing anywhere from cabinets and drawers in your home to the walls and ceiling in your RV.

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Do It Yourself RV: 10 scenic RV campgrounds where you can soak in views


(Dec. 12, 2016) -- As RVers, we don’t really ask for much – just a good, working rig and even greater company. But let’s be honest: parking somewhere with front-row mountain and ocean views just makes your experience that much more delightful. How could you not love stepping out of your RV into soft beach sand, only a stone’s throw away from the water? Or to simply walk out and be greeted with up-close mountain views?

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Do It Yourself RV: Five best places to camp for the solar eclipse


(Nov. 28, 2016) -- If you are an avid star watcher (especially when camping) you already have August 21, 2017 blocked out for the rare total solar eclipse. The U.S. has not seen a total solar eclipse in 26 years, and as a result you might need to make early plans for where you want to camp during this celestial event.

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Do It Yourself RV: Escape room games — The next road trip idea


(Nov. 21, 2016) -- Does the thought of paying money to be locked in a room, given a time limit, and forced to escape the room by solving a series of puzzles as a team sound less than appealing? Perhaps it shouldn’t. Over the past few years, escape rooms have become incredibly popular.

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