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T minus 14 days until full-time launch

WOW! I just looked at the calendar and realized there are only 14 days remaining until I pack up what few belongings I have left and head out in the motorhome as a full-time RVer in search of unlimited adventure.

After a successful trial last year where I traveled 17,000 miles through 23 states over 10 months, I returned to Arizona in mid-February to catch my breath and get caught up, neither of which occurred.

I no sooner pulled up to the house when my mother, who must be off her meds, announced she was moving from Arizona back to Wisconsin. Therefore, I had to decide if I wanted to buy the house we were renting, rent the house even though I wasn’t planning to be there much, or just abandon it and hit the road full-time.

The road beckoned, and I answered the call. There is nothing better than full-time RVing.  I get to visit a different place every week, I meet wonderful people, I experience new cultures and I spend money hand over fist on campgrounds and RV repairs. But, the freedom and versatility that RVing offers makes it a particularly alluring lifestyle.

So, we packed up mom’s stuff and shipped it back to the frozen tundra. In the meantime, I enjoyed a few RV excursions, like the Escapees Escapade, the Fulltime Families boondocking rally and trip to Las Vegas last week for a few conferences. But, I came home early this week to focus on getting caught up.  Then it hit me.

Yikes! That means there are 14 days — just 336 hours or — *gasp* — only 20,160 minutes to go until launch date. There’s a bunch of stuff left to do, and I already sense I won’t be getting it all done. The picture above shows my workload just for writing delinquent feature stories. Each file folder contains notes from a business I visited during which I interviewed someone and STILL haven’t written the story. There are a few left over from July and August of last year!

Add to that about a dozen product reviews and about 30 campground reviews and I either better figure out how to clone myself quickly or switch from Diet Pepsi to Red Bull energy drinks for I sense there will be a few late nights in the horizon. Now I know how accountants must feel at tax time.

Thank goodness most of the house is packed up and either already in the motorhome or in the garage waiting to learn its fate. I’m half tempted — make that nine-tenths tempted — to just put a sign out front that says “free crap, help yourself” and step back as the Sun City geezers descend in droves to pick it clean like vultures on a carcass.

Not only is there a lot of writing work to be done, but Nelson, my Winnebago motorhome, needs a thorough cleaning inside and out. The auxiliary brake system needs to go in for repair before it’s tasked with stopping the Jeep full time. A technician is doing a Roof Armor install next week, and my oldest daughter, Kristin, keeps looking at me with puppy dog eyes hoping we’ll do a few more daddy-daughter dates before I head out on another extended trip.

Whew!  Nobody said life was easy. But the temporary flurry of activity will be so worth it when I can finally get back behind the wheel and head off down the highway.

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Greg Gerber is the editor of Let's RV and the editor of RV Daily Report. A Wisconsin native and father of three grown daughters, he is now based out of Arizona and travels the country in his Winnebago Adventurer motorhome interviewing industry professionals and interesting RVers alike. He can be reached at

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