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Stromberg Extend-A-Line 2

Review: Stromberg Carlson Extend-A-Line

Stromberg Carlson should be proud to offer up the Extend-A-Line to the RV community.

I am primarily a boondocking RVer who actively runs and hikes trails, rides bicycles and paddles my kayak so, by the end of most days, my clothes are sweaty and nasty. Because I carry only two or three changes of any activity gear, washing closes almost daily is a necessity.

Stromberg Extend-A-Line 1Dry camping offers limited housekeeping choices, so I obtained an Extend-A-Line in order to have a convenient way to hang clothes to dry.  It exceeded my expectations by every measure.

For only $80 or so you’ll own a first-class laundry system that is ready to use in an instant and will last for many years and is a classy addition that fellow campers will ask about — a lo. It is one of the best accessory bargains I’ve found in RV land.

Out of the box, people only need to attach the left side of the Extend-A-Line to the RV ladder and tighten the turn screw on the right hand side to make ready to hang clothes. The total installation time from opening the box to hanging clothes is maybe five minutes.

The six individual bars swing to the left and hold an exceptional amount of laundry without any problems encountered.

When not in use the arms may be swept to the left side keeping arms out of harm’s way when not in use.

On moving day, all people have to do is unscrew the hand screw and place the line in a storage bay. I kept the shipping box as a transport container.

Over built, this uber handy clothesline should serve you well for many years.

Rated: Excellent

Price: $69 to $91

More information:

Stromberg Carlson
2323 Traversefield Drive
PO Box 266
Traverse City, MI 49685
(231) 947-8600

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Dennis Ohnstad is a recently-retired full-time RVer who travels the nation in his Born Free motorhome. A native of Illinois and an Arizona snowbird, he is actively involved in the Wandering Individuals Network, a group of active, single RVers.

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