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Straight: Vancouver artist Angela Fama hits the road for love

From the bloggers at Straight.

It’s a word that carries one of the most elusive definitions in the English language. Bards have waxed poetic about its emotional depths; musicians have penned ballads concerning its heartbreaking consequences; and children have described it with an unintentionally comedic quality worthy of viral status. But for local artist Angela Fama, none of it felt right.

“It was like the Hallmark holiday definition, and then the Webster’s dictionary definition, is just a feeling of strong, constant affection for another person, which just seemed really shallow,” she explains of the term love in a phone interview with the Straight. “And I just wanted to challenge that for myself, I guess.”

A photographer with a background in illustration, Fama decided to tackle the subject in a way that only a crazily ambitious artist would dream of: through an epic, 17,000-kilometre-plus road trip across North America, where she’d snap images of strangers in her 1977 RV turned makeshift photo studio along the way. The journey led Fama to discuss the concept of love with more than 300 individuals, but it also allowed her to fuse her skills in fine arts and studio photography into one neat piece.

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