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Square pans fit easily into RV cupboards and drawers

A new concept in cookware that was a winner in Australia and New Zealand has now reached the shores of the United States.

IThrough an inspired moment while competing in a Solo ‘Round the World Yacht Race in 2007, sailor Graham Dalton asked himself why pots and pans were round and difficult to store, especially in small spaces as in galleys.  His idea of square shaped pans is not a square idea at all!

Launched three years ago and taken the RV markets Australia and New Zealand by storm, it has just now reached the Untied States.

Patented and high quality, the induction based pots are a set of three square pots with rounded corners and come with a detachable handle that fits on all four sides of the pot.  With a very high quality Teflon interior and custom silicon mats that protect the pots when storing and double as trivets on the counter top, the versatility is outstanding.  Further, the handle can be detached and the pot and lid sealed to then become a container to store food in the refrigerator.

Taking in account the small storage space in a galley or RV kitchen, the SmartSpace pots, nest inside one another with the handle and lids for ease of storage and because of their unique shape, fit right into the corner of cupboards.

The fry pan is sold separately than the three pot kit and comes with it’s own removable handle.  It is sized to fit the largest pot (with the other pots inside if desired), nestled as if made for each other. A fry pan lid is additional.

Packaged in beautiful 4-color retail packaging, SmartSpace Solutions is ready for any retailer to display.  Sold to RV or marine dealers or directly to the consumer. A YouTube video shows the ease of use and how compact the set really is for storage

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