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Soulful RV Family: A family Thanksgiving

From the bloggers at Soulful RV Family.

So we finally did it! Our first holiday spent camping in the rig. We selected one of our favorite campgrounds in Nashville, Tenn., to host what may be our newest family tradition. The Nashville KOA on Music Valley Drive is just a stone’s throw away from the Grand Ole Opry.

Yeah, yeah I know what you may be thinking… country music? Despite the fact that we are not big fans of country music (although, I must admit country music isn’t all that bad), the city of Nashville and the Nashville KOA were a perfect backdrop for a Soulful RV Family Thanksgiving adventure.

I was a bit nervous about how I was going to cook a major meal and host a few friends and family from the RV.  I mean on Thanksgiving our families usually get together to cook up a feast and I certainly did not want to give that up.

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