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Hospital Emergency Sign
Hospital Emergency Sign

What to do when someone is hurt while traveling

One of the biggest concerns as a parent, not only when traveling, but most of the time, is a child getting hurt or sick to the point that medical attention is needed.

I know a lot of the people we talk to have this concern, especially when traveling internationally. There are a lot of “what-ifs” that come in to play.

What if I get sick and have to go to the hospital? What if we need to see a doctor? What hospital should I choose? Will insurance cover this?

It’s pretty intimidating to think about, almost too intimidating, and can definitely put a sour note on vacation plans.

bryanna-cannonWell, we’ve dealt with some of these issues first hand, or should I say arm. My son Cannon is a rambunctious little dude that can’t sit still and knows no fear. He’s the one climbing to the top of the playground and saying “Mom, watch this!”

He’s also the one that deals with pain the best out of our kids, so when he fell off his bike in the Florida Keys and landed very awkwardly on his arm, the look on his face and the cry he let out, told us it was bad.

There are basically two hospitals in the Keys and after doing a little research, we found that the closest one was not the better of the two. So we took the longer drive and were glad we did. The hospital looked new and the staff there was very nice.

The doctors did some x-rays and confirmed the break, but since they didn’t have a pediatric orthopedic doctor on staff, they referred us to Miami Children’s Hospital. That was over two hours away!

Well, needless to say, we went and got the care Cannon needed. Fortunately, surgery was not needed and he just needed it set in a cast.

We learned some valuable lessons from this. The first is to know your surroundings when traveling. Know where the closest hospital is. Know whether 911 is the right emergency number to call. Before you hit the road, give your insurance company a call to see if there is anything you need to know about before you go.

Other than that, just relax and try not to worry about it. Things can happen, but just know there are great doctors and facilities out there that can help get you or your child back on their feet.

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