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So that’s what you mean by ‘pull-through!’

Silvania Clark lives in Bellingham, Wash., and has been RVing since 2003 and is currently using a fifth wheel. Here’s her newbie story:

What Am I Supposed to “pull through”? As a professional speaker, I was asked to speak on customer service to the National Association of RV Parks and Campground’s national convention. Never having been in an RV, we rented a motorhome for the weekend so I had some idea what I was talking about.

We drove into an RV campground and I went in to register. The staff person ended the process by saying, “Use the site No. 12 pull-through.” My husband and I went to site No. 12 and looked for something to “pull through.”

We looked and looked for a rope, a cord — anything that we could “pull through” the RV. So, I returned to the office and explained that there was nothing we could find to pull through.

The professional staff person kept a straight face as he told me we were supposed to pull the RV on the site so we could “pull through” as we left.

LESSON LEARNED: No need to look for a cord or rope, just pull the RV through the site and we are on our way.

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