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Snowmads: We live in a van now

From the bloggers at Snowmads.

What on earth would possess us to try to fit two adults, three dogs, and all our earthly possessions into a camper van full-time?

Maybe we have lost our minds. But we’ve been doing this full-time for a few weeks now, and loving it so far!

Meet our Winnebago Travato!

We’re not anti-bigger RVs now – far from it! We really enjoyed leasing the Trek motorhome for our voyage to Alaska last summer. There was plenty of storage space for bringing all the supplies we needed, more living area to entertain or stay indoors in bad weather (and we experienced quite a bit of it that year!), great ground clearance for rough backroads, lots of roof space for solar panels to keep us powered up, the ability to tow a 4×4 vehicle for further exploration off-the-beaten-path, and a spare bed for having guests spend the night. It was nomadic living with most of the comforts of a house, and lots of people love bigger RVs for those reasons and more!

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