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Snowmads: RVing ladies share their best driving tips

From the bloggers at Snowmads.

Since we started traveling by RV, we’ve noticed that in most RVer relationships, there’s a tendency for one person to do most, or even all, of the driving.

Now, that’s just an observation on our part and not backed up by any statistics whatsoever. I mean, who really has time for that? We feel pretty confident in our thoroughly unscientific findings, though – which mainly consists of us wandering around campgrounds being nosy while walking our dogs, or trying not to let other drivers notice us sneaking glances at them as they pass us on the road. 🙂

A driving imbalance can happen among friends or family that travel together, too – not just romantic partners. Gender doesn’t always play a part, but we do notice a higher proportion of women versus men who don’t regularly drive their RV.

It’s also common for potential solo RVers (especially ladies) to be scared of driving and traveling alone, and letting that fear keep them from taking the plunge into RVing. More on that later!
You don’t have to drive often – but you should at least know how

Now, it’s perfectly fine if someone doesn’t like to drive and prefers to navigate and be the DJ, or is just better at that – especially when it’s for the sake of preserving relationship bliss! Some people love to drive and want to do it all the time, so they become the primary driver by their choice.

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