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SmartPlug 30-amp connector

Smartplug’s updated connector increases safety

As part of its ongoing product evolution, SmartPlug Systems has incorporated several upgrades into its 30-amp connector. The BF30 30-amp retro-fit connector ushers in a new standard of safety for boat and RV owners, the company explained.

Changes to the BF30 30-amp retro-fit connector are all internal. The improvements incorporate the same technology, which has been used for several years in SmartPlug’s 50-amp inlets and connectors.

They include a wire capture system with set screws, along with improved wire guides and a new mechanical cord restraint. These new design features simplify installation, increase the electrical contact, accurately align the internal wiring and strengthen the connection to the power cable.

The SmartPlug System is a safe alternative to standard AC connections. It protects against the two leading causes of fire and electrocution: overheating and loose connections.

The company’s products are CE certified and engineered to meet or exceed code compliance standards for the United States, Canadian and European markets.

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