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SitGo offers portable resting solution

SitGo has developed a portable resting solution offering users a place to rest their feet when there are no other resting places available. The expanded stool lets users rest while standing, yet remain mobile.

“There are times when you will be on your feet all day. Events and locations such as theme parks, holiday shopping lines, tours, and concerts require you to stand without the option of a mobile resting solution,” said Jon Webb, who developed the product.

With its small footprint SitGo provides users a way to rest while standing. It’s a versatile seating and resting solution for any environment, he explained.

“Since my initial design, the SitGo has evolved into an amazing seating and resting solution for any environment which requires a long period of standing or not enough space for a standard seat.  Through a series of testing the seat has now come to fruition,” said Webb.

“The SitGo can be used for hiking, camping or other outdoor activities, such as standing room only concerts, or when sitting on the ground is not a comfortable option and space is limited,” he added.

Comparable in size to a water bottle, the SitGo is easy to carry and store. With its telescoping feature and light weight design users can quickly and easily rest from standing at anytime, anywhere. When a folding chair is not realistic and the ground is not an option, SitGo is the answer, he explained.

Maximum direct weight stress test sustained 316 pounds. When pressure was applied directly to one side of the seat, maximum sustained stress level was 276 pounds.

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To watch a video of the product in action, click here.

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