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Simple As That: Our family’s travel bucket list

From the bloggers at Simple As That.

Five years ago our family embarked on the greatest adventure we’d ever dreamed up. My husband decided to leave his comfortable job as a chiropractor and go back to school. We sold our beautiful home and most of our belongings.

What came of this experience was a tremendous shift in our priorities when it comes to collecting “stuff” and building the life we really wanted for ourselves and our kids.

We moved to a tiny island in the Caribbean with very few belongings. We didn’t have much, but we had each other, and through this journey, we learned that’s all that truly matters in life. Family—and the connections we build with each other.

We may not have set out with the goal to simplify, but we experienced the benefits firsthand, and now, years later, we could never turn back. Living with less (stuff!) is a way of life we’ve tried so hard to hold on to since returning from the island.

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