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Shurhold blade

SHUR-Dry water blade molds to RV contours

Rain and rinse water can leave behind spots on glass and other RV finishes—even those that have been recently waxed or treated, Shurhold reported.

Using Shurhold’s SHUR-Dry Flexible Water Blade, owners wipe liquids away before they become blemishes, the company reported in a press release.

The SHUR-Dry Flexible Water Blade is made of soft, durable silicone that molds to an RV’s shape, the release continued. Its 12-inch T-bar edge covers large areas quickly.

The easy grip handle is ideal for all hand sizes, the release stated. For those high out-of-reach areas, Shurhold offers the optional Flexible Water Blade Adapter for use with any of its handles.

Shurhold’s SHUR-Dry Flexible Water Blade retails for $26.98, while the adapter is $14.98.

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