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The Scenic Route: Not another dead RV battery

From the bloggers at The Scenic Route

You can continue spending money replacing dead RV batteries, but a more practical money saving solution is to determine what caused the battery to die and try to prevent it from happening again.

It’s not uncommon for RV batteries to die long before they should. A report I recently read stated 85% of lead-acid batteries manufactured in the U.S. die before they should. And I see it all the time, RV owners replacing batteries every year or two. That can get expensive real fast.

Sometimes we tend to overlook the simplest maintenance requirements on our RV, and these maintenance oversights can be costly. I put RV batteries on top of the list for items on the RV that are commonly overlooked. Fortunately if you understand what kills a battery, and perform some simple battery preventive maintenance you can stop the batteries from dying an early death.

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