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Scary Mommy: How our family lived a nomadic lifestyle

From the bloggers at Scary Mommy.

Three years ago, when our kids were 13, 10, and 4, our family did something drastic but awesome. We sold a bunch of extraneous stuff, packed what would fit into our trusty Honda Pilot, put the rest of our worldly belongings into storage, and took off on a year-long road trip. And we did it for basically the same cost as staying home.

Here’s how it went.

I already worked from home, and my husband’s company had recently gone to a remote work model, so we could work from anywhere. We homeschooled the kids, so they could learn from anywhere. We were renting a house in a Chicago suburb, but our landlord gave notice that she wanted to sell it when our lease was up — so we really could live anywhere.

To read the full story by Scary Mommy, click here.

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