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San Diego UrbDeZine: Quick guide to the Pacific coast

From the publishers of San Diego UrbDeZine:

I love looking back this time of year – did I keep my New Year’s Resolutions? What new places did I go to? Did I get outside as much as I had promised myself?

And, one of the things that came up the other day while thinking about what the new year will bring, was my first post in 2016. It was about the top five bicycle trips I wanted to take this year. While I didn’t hit all of them, I’m pretty proud that I committed to three out of five of them – and each one was better than the last.

In fact, one of them – cycling the 101 – was so darn amazing that I’m actually planning to do it again next month. This time all the way from San Francisco to San Diego with two good friends.

Check out San Diego UrbDeZine’s tips for biking in California.

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